I went to a park at about 8 o’clock to see a meadowlark or two for my bird watching club called the Howling Owls. As I walked to the park, a fly buzzed in my ear which I smacked with my map! Before I set up my bird watching tower, I saw a blue macaw with a reddish yellow beak. What a rare sight!
Next, I climbed up my bird stand (which I just put up) and in about 10 minutes I saw a bluebird! I picked up my binoculars and looked at a fig tree with a reddish brown bark and saw a purple martin putting some leaves and twigs in its beak for its nest! I watched where it flew. It landed in a bird house with a cute baby bird just getting its feathers!
At 12 o’clock I climbed down and ate my sandwich (with extra CHEESE). I had birds in my head and sandwich in my mouth!
And then, I climbed back up my bird watch tower and looked at the sun coming up over the white clouds. I looked over at a tree, and looked at another tree, and then looked back at the first tree. My eyes were as big as golf balls! I rubbed my eyes. I could not believe them! I thought that I needed more sleep! It had to be, but it couldn’t, but it was! A meadowlark! Ten of them!